Minimally Invasive Implant Surgery


Dr. Phelan is proud to offer an exciting new implant technology to help precisely place dental implants for our patients.

Bone loss in your jaw will always follow tooth loss and over time cause facial changes, speech changes, and diet changes. To avoid this, dental implants can be anchored permanently in your jawbone to preserve and strengthen the underlying bone just like the roots of your natural teeth. The dental implants will also slow down the bone loss that occurs after a tooth is extracted.

Now, with our new minimally invasive implant technology, we are able to treat many of the most complex cases with leading-edge comfort, simplicity, and precision. The biggest benefit of this technology is that we can take a 3D CT scan of your jawbone and plan out the ideal location for your dental implants relative to your specific anatomy. Many dental implants can be placed through a small punch in your gums without the need for gum flaps, incisions or stitches. As you can imagine the postoperative pain, swelling and discomfort can be dramatically minimized with this type of technology.

The healing period with the minimally invasive implant surgery is also shorter and your permanent crowns can often be placed sooner on your dental implants.

Whether you are considering replacing one tooth or you have a more complex dental problem that you would like to discuss with Dr. Stephen Phelan, please feel free to arrange a consultation appointment.


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