Art & Science of Stunning Smiles


“When you judge the quality and beauty of an object, you should always have an eye on its function” PLATO

Your smile is your window to the world and can be more powerful than the spoken word. A stunning smile involves the union and harmony of art and science. Aesthetic dentistry involves a comprehensive approach to dentistry that will improve not only the beauty of your smile but the function of your bite, muscles and jaw joint.

The art of creating a stunning smile involves knowledge and artistic skills in two areas we like to refer to as macro-aesthetics and micro-aesthetics. Macro-aesthetics is the overall tooth position within your smile and how your teeth relate to the surrounding gums, lips, and face. It INVOLVES HOW ALL YOUR TEETH work together to create a certain desired style or look. The area of micro-aesthetics involves the individual characterizations of the teeth themselves, for example the amount and design of the translucency at the end of a tooth. Each person is different and should have their own individual artistic smile design.

The science of the functional role your teeth play in your bite and the relationship with your muscles and jaw joint (TMJ) IS CRITICALLY important in the long-term success of your teeth and restorations. Each person’s bite is different and therefore the way their teeth fit together and function needs to be customized to suit their individual needs. When designing a stunning smile, it is always wise to follow the words of Plato as quoted above and “have an eye on its function”.

Stunning smiles are our business so if you are interested in creating your own stunning smile call our office for a consultation appointment with Dr. Stephen Phelan.