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There is no need to suffer from tooth loss! Dr. Stephen Phelan can restore your smile, dental function and confidence with dental implants. Toronto Dental Implants can make it possible for you to look better, feel healthier and enjoy eating again. Whether you are missing one tooth, many teeth, or all of your teeth, Toronto Dental Implants are often the preferred method of tooth replacement.

There are many reasons for losing your teeth, including cavities, gum disease, bite problems, fractured roots, and accidents. When you loose your teeth the bone that surrounds and supports the tooth root deteriorates and melts away in a process similar to the atrophy that occurs in muscles from a lack of use. If you loose a tooth at the front of your mouth the result can be a visible defect in the bone that is difficult to hide and will affect the appearance of your smile. Missing teeth from the back of your mouth will lead to collapse of your bite and affect your ability to chew and eat your favorite foods, the overall appearance of your face, and the stability and health of your remaining teeth. Complete tooth loss will lead to atrophy and deterioration of your jaw bones over time, more problems chewing and eating your favorite foods, and esthetic facial structural collapse.

The dental implant replaces the missing tooth root and preserves the remaining bone by stimulating the bone cells to remain after the natural tooth root is removed. There are numerous advantages to dental implants over traditional methods of replacing missing teeth. Dental implants maintain the integrity of your facial structures by preserving your natural bone. Dental implants eliminate the need to grind down healthy tooth structure, the way you would when creating a fixed bridge. Dental implants eliminate the pain associated with ill-fitting partial and full dentures. Dental implants make it possible to eat foods you normally would not be able to chew and eat with regular dentures. Dental implants make it possible to smile again with confidence. Dental implants enhance your overall quality of life.

Minimally Invasive Implant Surgery

Dr. Phelan is proud to offer an exciting new implant technology to help precisely place dental implants for our patients.

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10 Major Benefits Of Dental Implants

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Cosmetic Implant Dentistry

In the beginning dental implants were only used to secure dentures and dramatically improve the quality of life for the people that wear them. Today, dental implants can be used for single tooth replacements that rival the aesthetics and function of natural teeth.

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Frequently Asked Questions for Dental Implants

Am I A Candidate For Dental Implant Treatment?
Almost everyone who is missing one or more teeth and in general good health is a candidate for dental implant treatment. There are few medical conditions that can undermine the success of implant treatment, such as uncontrolled diabetes. However, there are few conditions that would keep someone from having implant treatment altogether. Quality and quantity of available bone for implant placement is more often a factor in qualifying for dental implants than medical conditions. However, even people who have lost significant amount of bone can qualify for dental implant treatment with additional procedures to add bone or create new bone.


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