Dental Crowns From Your Dentists in Oakville

If you are in need of a permanent dental restoration, you may be wondering if a dental crown is right for you. Dental crowns Oakville are used to restore the form and function of teeth that have been damaged or lost, and they can also be used to improve the appearance of teeth that are stained, discolored, or crooked. At Phelan Dental, we've seen this restorative dental prosthesis transform and restore patients' smiles time and time again! Our tooth crown service at Phelan Dental is designed to offer you not only aesthetic improvements but also long-lasting durability. 

What is a Tooth Crown Oakville and How is It Made?

A tooth crown is a cap that covers the entire visible portion of a tooth. It is made from high-quality porcelain material and is designed to match the color, shape, and size of your natural tooth. Opting for a porcelain dental crown brings numerous benefits, including exceptional durability and a flawless aesthetic that mimics the translucency of real teeth.

What are The Benefits of Porcelain Crown?

Porcelain crown Oakville offer many benefits, including:

  • Durability: Porcelain is a strong and durable material that can withstand the forces of biting and chewing. With proper care, your crown can last for many years.
  • Natural look: Porcelain dental crowns are designed to match the colour, shape, and size of your natural teeth. This makes them virtually indistinguishable from your other teeth.
  • Improved oral health: Porcelain dental crowns can help to improve your oral health by restoring the function of damaged or decayed teeth.

Is Anyone a Candidate to Receive One or More Dental Crowns?

Most people are good candidates for dental crowns. However, there are certain factors that may make you a better candidate, such as:

  • You have a tooth that is severely damaged or decayed
  • You have a tooth that is cracked or broken
  • You have a tooth that is misshapen or discolored.

How Should Dental Crowns be Cared for?

Caring for a dental crowns in Oakville is similar to caring for your natural teeth. You should brush and floss your teeth twice a day and visit your dentist regularly for checkups and cleanings. Additionally, you should avoid chewing on hard foods or using your teeth as tools. When it comes to a porcelain tooth crown, these maintenance tips are especially important.

If you suspect you might be in need of a dental crowns in Oakville, call our office today! Our friendly team will schedule an appointment that suits your schedule and provide you with the dedicated care you need.

Get In Touch With Us About Dental Crowns in Oakville

  • Strengthen a weakened or significantly decayed tooth
  • Improve the aesthetic of a tooth that’s severely stained or crooked
  • Protect your tooth from further damage
  • Experience long-lasting benefits for many years with diligent care