Laser Dentistry


Dr. Stephen Phelan is very pleased to announce that our practice has acquired a Waterlase MD hard and soft tissue dental laser. What does this laser do for you? It performs a variety of Porcelain Dental Procedures, including cavity preparation, caries (or decay) removal, and a wide range of soft tissue (gum) procedures. How does it work? The system uses laser-energized water and it significantly improves your comfort in the dentist’s chair, causing no heat or vibration in your mouth, no drilling noises, and no over-heating of your teeth. With this technology, many dental procedures can be performed with no pain, virtually eliminating the need for anesthesia (needles and dental shots) in most cases. The laser is very precise, so we can leave behind as much healthy tooth structure as possible. It also performs numerous soft tissue (gum) procedures with little or no bleeding or post treatment trauma. We are extremely proud to be able to offer this new technology for all of our patients.