Soft-Tissue Lasers For Hassle-Free Treatments

Utilizing proven technology that helps make cavity treatments quicker and more comfortable for patients, Phelan Dental in Oakville is proud to feature a soft-tissue laser to remove decay from teeth while reducing post-treatment pain, swelling, and more.

What are the benefits of using soft-tissue lasers?

The benefits of using a soft tissue laser are numerous, including the fact that this technology is proven to expedite procedure time and shorten healing time, and provide highly precise results in comparison to traditional techniques. In addition, soft-tissue lasers utilize a beam of light that can be precisely directed to selectively target the decay that requires removal. This allows for more healthy tissues to remain untouched. Furthermore, soft-tissue lasers also use lower levels of energy during a treatment, which greatly reduces any bleeding that could occur while reducing the amount of anesthetic patients require.

How does this technology work when I need a filling?

The laser is able to quickly and precisely target and remove only damaged tooth tissues while leaving healthy tissues intact. This gives our dentist greater control over the treatment area, increases accuracy, and reduces procedure-related discomfort for the patient.

Can anyone benefit from soft-tissue laser technology?

Soft-tissue lasers can benefit most patients who need to have dental decay removed. It's also a viable option for those with sensitive teeth, young children, and/or patients with special needs since they require much less time under anesthesia than traditional methods.

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  • Experience an easier filling experience
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  • Reduce the amount of anesthetic required for cavity treatment
  • Experience a safe & highly focused dental laser
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