Cosmetic Implant Dentistry


In the beginning dental implants were only used to secure dentures and dramatically improve the quality of life for the people that wear them. Today, dental implants can be used for single tooth replacements that rival the aesthetics and function of natural teeth.

The ability to make a dental implant look like a natural tooth requires advanced training, skill and judgment on the part of the clinician but the results can make a change that will improve your smile for the rest of your life.

The key is to know how to manage the hard and soft tissues of the mouth and to follow what one of my mentors in implant dentistry, master dentist Dr. Dennis Tarnow calls “doing one miracle at a time”.

If you try and push the envelope too far with your treatment you will overcome your natural biology and ability to heal and the results can be very disappointing and even disastrous.

The good news is that if you and your dentist respect the biology and follow sound clinical judgment you can have a result that will provide you with an excellent smile and functioning implant for the rest of your life.

If you have a tooth that needs to be replaced and you want a dental implant that will mimic your natural teeth feel free to contact my office for a consultation.


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