Porcelain Crowns


If you have seen someone with a black line around his or her “caps” or crowns, you can feel comfortable that new technology will make this a thing of the past. Porcelain crowns are now crafted that are virtually undetectable from your surrounding natural dentition. Dr. Stephen Phelan’s goal when creating porcelain crowns is to mimic nature and create the illusion of reality. Take a look at the Porcelain Crowns case studies to see how porcelain crowns can replace old unnatural looking “caps”.

Porcelain crowns are hand crafted for each individual patient using a highly durable and colour stable dental porcelain. Dr. Phelan uses a detailed communication process to help the dental ceramist create the best results for his patients. This communication includes detailed, hi-resolution digital photographs using a Nikon D3 or D3s Professional Digital Camera of the patient’s previous crowns, surrounding dentition, and new temporary crowns. The communication also includes detailed instructions about the patient’s goals and desires for their new restorations.

This communication is completed with a duplicate model of the prototype or temporary restorations. Dr. Phelan devotes much time and effort to creating temporary crowns that are natural and lifelike in appearance that can act as the prototype for the final crowns.

Dr. Phelan is also one of the few dentists in Canada that has a full porcelain furnace in his office. This porcelain furnace allows Dr. Phelan to further customize his patient’s restorations by adding or subtracting porcelain and by changing the colour of the crowns while the patient is present.

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